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Good Monday morning everyone- I took last year on my way to Pagosa Springs. It was a beautiful day and the views were great. This is just one of the pics as I stopped along the way.  It seemed that the landscape was different everywhere you looked. MAY YOUR DREAMS BE BOLD AND YOU SAVOR THE VIEW W...
Hello everyone-As some of you know that read my last post that I did on Thursday it was 3 yrs since I lost my kitty Lindsey.  Most of my followers also know I have a memorial garden for her along with a half acre garden that started shortly after she died.  I have lilacs, knockout roses, peonies ...
Good morning everyone-There are many plants, shrubs and bushes at the Denver Botanical Gardens in Colorado.  I can understand why after visiting there that you could get a yearly pass there. Like the Longwood Gardens in PA that Roy Kelley and his wife Dolores visit regularly the places both have ...

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