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Hello everyone-These are pics I took of the Historic Forks Restaurant where I  stopped the morning I left Beaver Meadows Ranch Resort and with my visit with Mary Douglas to head to lunch in Colorado Springs with Sondra Meyer and Debi Boucher. It is located at the corner of County Rte 74 and 287. ...
Hello everyone-I have LOTS of different kinds of roses in my garden, Some do better than others. Some have fragrance others do not. This is one of my last roses I got this Spring and it took it a while to bloom but when it did. It was worth the wait. It is called THE GRAND DAME.  Fitting name I t...
Hello everyone-I had the wonderful treat of meeting an AR friend who I have known online since 2008.  Her name is Mary Douglas and she lives in Glacier Meadows in Colorado. One of the areas she services is a area known as Red Feathers.  I arrived at Mary's office at 1 p.m. on Monday August 25th. ...
Hello everyone-I visited Colorado from 8/25-9/2 and got the added bonus of meeting this fine fellow Dale Poll when I spent 2.5 days with another Active Rain friend Sondra Meyer. We 3 had a blast and we crammed in a lot of activity in those 2.5 days and I feel very blessed to have both of them as ...
Good evening everyone-I spent the week of 8/25-9/2 in beautiful Colorado. I had a fabulous time and met several rainers. Each part of my trip was special to me and something I will treasure always.  I will be writing several posts on the trip. I visited several areas and took many pictures.  Now ...

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