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Hello everyone-I wanted to remind everyone that if you haven't entered a post for the Virtual Traveler Contest you have one week to do so.  Click on the link above if you haven't heard about it. There has been some great entries in the contest. Where in this country or even outside of the U.S. wo...
Good evening everyone-I have had something interesting happen the last few days when I have been making comments on posts. It doesn't happen every time but several times over the last few days and just did which brought it back to my mind. Everyone knows that when you PERSONALLY post a blog it mo...
Hello everyone-Well if at first you don't succeed spreading an message try a more POWERFUL APPROACH.  It worked but more importantly I hope this brings much needed help to a family who needs it.  If we all do a little we can accomplish GREAT THINGS. If you can do anything please do.  I know it wi...
Good morning everyone-With all the wonderful places in the world to see. Now is your opportunity to choose a place you would like to visit and tell us about it. My friend Gayle Rich Boxman came up with this fun contest and she is one of the best folks for telling us about her slice of paradise an...
Good evening everyone-I saw this unusual looking insect this morning . If it is a spider I have never seen one like it. It hasn't moved all day so I am assuming it is some other kind of insect that got caught in this spider web and is dead.  If it is another insect which I am assuming it might be...


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