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Good evening everyone-On January 1 of 2014 will be 6 yrs since I joined AR.  I actually learned about AR a few months before that and started exploring it, trying to find out what it was all about. After  6 yrs., 5.9 yrs of them officially, I can honestly say it has completely changed my life. It...
Good morning everyone-As anyone who follows Roger Mucci's blog knows he has a group called Taking it off in the Rain. Each Monday he weighs in and reports his loss, gain or rocking steady, Anyone else who is also taking it off in the rain can weigh in as well. If you happen to lose the most weigh...
Good Sunday evening everyone-Most of you know I rescued a kitty named Shadow last July. She was a scared little kitty who got her name because she was scared of her own Shadow. Well fast forward a little over a year and now she has full run of the house. She isn't afraid of Mom's dog Heidi unless...
Hello everyone-Many of you know Mel Peterson aka the naked blogger. I just read her latest post and her childhood friends family is in need of prayers. Appreciate that and know she will as well.  Please leave your comments on Mel's post and if you can help please do. Thank you everyone    You Hav...
Good afternoon everyone. Last year I planted 3 raspberry plants and this year they have grown, spread, thrived and have started to give me a sweet bountiful harvest. This is just part of the 1st major picking. This will be raspberry shortcake for Mom. I got a smaller bowl for me for on my cereal ...
Good morning everyone-I have always wanted to paint and draw but I have much more desire than talent. My younger brother was blessed with that talent and unfortunately never did anything with it. I get these you-tubes sent to me in my e-mail every day and while this would not be my style he is de...
Good morning everyone-There is a lot of great videos out there with dogs and this one is sure to make you smile. I know we have LOTS of animal lovers here so click on the LINK below and enjoy: Did you know that dog spelled backwards is GOD. No wonder they give us unconditional love.   The Wonderf...
Good morning everyone-As many of you know there is a contest in August that the REAL Debbie Reynolds came up with where you share ten things from your past and ten from your present day. It has been a lot of fun but as many folks that have been on AR since the beginning or shortly after there was...


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