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Good evening everyone-Today was a typical Monday. Nothing out of the ordinary til I came home from picking up Mom from the senior center. When I went to unlock the front door it wouldn't unlock. It is an old style deadbolt and the inside part where you put the key in has been loose and sometimes ...
Good evening everyone-I was in Walmart tonite to pick up fixings for a salad and one of the things I buy are cherry tomatoes. I picked the pkg up and I noticed a familar name. Notice it circled in the pic. Now anyone that follows Roger's post knows he likes things with a twist but also has a new ...
Good afternoon everyone. Last year I planted 3 raspberries bushes and they have done extremely well.  Raspberries are one of my fav fruits although I love most kinds of fruit. While they did well last year I didn't have any raspberries but this year is a different story. There a lot of berries on...
  Notify me of new comments:        Captcha Drag the airplane to the circle on the side.       I commented on a post this morning and when the author commented I went to unclick the Notify me button and saw this.  Very interesting new spam filter. You have to wonder if these really work since you...
Good evening everyone-In every aspect of business dealing with the public. Customer service is truly the key to keeping your customers happy whether it be in real estate, staging, virtual assistance or any related field. It however is just as important in other places where you buy product or pay...
Good evening everyone-It is funny sometimes when you plant a lot of flower bulbs, plants and shrubs you forget that you planted them. Well at least I apparently have. Maybe I am getting old and forgetful or I just lost track of all that I actually planted. Whichever it is I had another surprise i...
Hello everyone-I get these videos delivered to my e-mail everyday and like to share them with you sometimes. This one today is awesome. I had seen their first performance the other day but this is even better. Hope you enjoy it as much I did. CLICK and ENJOY   Simon Cowell Cried During This Touch...


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