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Good morning everyone-Hope you are having a splendid holiday weekend and your weather is glorious where you live. I have two of these and they are doing well.  They are called Robin Hood Roses (also called Mediterranean Musk Rose) has delicate, fragrant, long-lasting blooms that grow in colorful ...
Zebra Mallow I bought two of these last year and after I planted them I wasn't sure they were going to do anything but as you can see they blossomed. The pictures don't do them justice as they are so beautiful.  They are an old cottage-garden favorite, this cousin to the Hollyhock has similar sat...
Hi everyone-Last year I planted 6 knockout roses in Lindsey's memorial garden and they did very well. I never had planted roses before last year I didn't know that they lost their leaves in the winter so when they did I was hoping they were still alive and indeed just lost their leaves. Last year...
Good morning everyone-I have been a part of AR since 1/1/2009 and I love AR. The friendships, education and support from staff and members is wonderful. Recently AR made changes. Change can be good and even necessary but it is NOT necessary to have ANNOYING screens popping up all the time and the...
Good evening everyone-This is just unbelievable that B.O.A can SCREW UP this royally AGAIN. A few months back Gail Robinson reached out to the AR community and people responded as only the AR community can and does respond about her home going into foreclosure.  She was given trial loan modificat...
Good morning everyone-If anyone has ever seen azaleas then you know what a gorgeous flower they are and that they bloom in the Spring.  The downside is the blooms don't last long enough. I discovered a kind last year that bloom in the Spring and Fall called Encore Azalea's which is wonderful. Now...
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers for without them we wouldn't be here. Here in Va it is a glorious day with the sun shining brightly and a comfortable 67* with a nice breeze. I hope if your Mom is still with you that you got to spend some time with her today. I took mine out to lun...
Good morning everyone-After 3 days of heavy rain. I am most happy to see the sun shining this Thursday morning. We are due for more rain on Saturday but for today and tomorrow I will enjoy the sun and relish the warmth and begin the clean-up of debris tomorrow or later today depending how long it...
Good evening everyone-If you read my blog this morning then you saw all the rain on the grass from the storm drain. It was a river of water as it was just pouring yesterday and today. Now what I didn't discover til late this afternoon when it had stopped raining and the sun was actually out for a...
Good morning everyone-As anybody who follows my blogs know that I have bought 5 (40 gal) rainbarrels and have them under all the gutters. It rained a week ago Sunday and filled up all them with one days rain. I had been using 5 gal buckets but figured the rainbarrels would be easier and a more ef...


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