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Good evening everyone-In my last post which got a surprise "FEATURE" I talked about getting rainbarrels for all the gutters both on the house and one on my woman cave so I have 5-40 gals barrels. Well Sunday it rained and Monday morning a little bit. I went out early to check on them to make sure...
Last year I wanted to catch the rainwater to use to help water my ever growing garden so I bought several 5 gal bucket and that worked to a point but they filled up so fast and I would have to go out in the rain when they filled up and if it was pouring they filled up fast and lifting and moving ...
Good evening everyone-As many of you know AR is filled with smart, giving, selfless people that are willing to help you if you ask for it. I did that this week with 3 of Active Rain's finest and they responded with their time and expertise. For that I am most grateful and appreciative and wanted ...
Morning everyone-Yesterday when I was out in the garden I was looking for something in the shed and when I looked over I was delighted by what I saw. I didn't have the camera outside with me so I went and got it and came back and my little visitor was still there. I was standing only about two fe...
Hi everyone-There is one section of my garden in the back that the weed barrier than I put down wasn't worth anything and the weeds had taken over and I hadn't got around to fixing that yet. Mainly because I knew it was going to be a big job to get it done right so the weeds wouldn't come back. W...
Good morning everyone-Today is a special, caring, loving, talented, beautiful inside and out as well as a warm and funny lady. I am proud to know her and call her friend.  I have had a few conversations with her on the phone and she has a very warm and wonderful voice and a infectious laugh. MAN...
INDIGO BUNTING My newest vistor to my feeders. Interesting facts Indigo Buntings migrate at night, using the stars for guidance. Researchers demonstrated this process in the late 1960s by studying captive Indigo Buntings in a planetarium and then under the natural night sky. The birds possess an ...
  With all the evil and ugliness in the world it is imperative to remember there is much beauty in the world too. While none of us can understand why bad things happen to good people, innocent people that got up in the morning just like any morning and didn't come home at night. Whether it be th...
When I am out working in the part of the garden that is right outside my bedroom window my kitty Shadow watches me out the window. She used to run if I came up to the window but she is getting used to it now and will stay longer without being scared. I have the window up with the screen down so ...


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