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Good afternoon everyone-I am not a fan of having to watch commercials but they are a part of our lives. Some are OK, some are completely stupid and others are cute. I know commercials are BIG business with the Superbowl and companies pay a LOT of money for a 30 second ad or however long it is. I ...
 Morning everyone if you need a good belly laugh this morning or anytime take a look at this LOL video. Unless we die young(God forbid) then we all get older and you can either laugh at some of the things that happen to all of us or you can cry. Personally laughter is the best medicine. So CLICK ...
Hello Everyone-I don't know if everyone here on AR knew about the troubles that Gail has had with B.O.A. although I actually think most of AR has but this is a follow-up from that original post Gail did when B.of A. were going to foreclose on her. Well today there is reason to celebrate.  This po...
I will give you a hint. I am not talking about the grass. I captured these right out my bedroom window. It is such fun to watch the birds right out my bedroom window. Shadow likes them too. They aren't as clear as I would like with taking them thru the window glass but you can see them. When I op...
Good morning everyone-It is with great pleasure that I congratulate the newest Million point member of Active Rain. A good friend and wonderful and loving human being. Kristin Johnston.  Kristin has been a part of Active Rain since August 2008 and has written 1725 blogs over the course of time s...
Good moring everyone-I enjoy watching many of the God-tube videos that are sent to my inbox every morning. This morning this one a comedy one and it was pretty funny even if you are a guy. I do know there are men that do the grocery shopping so this is not to ridicule any fellow that does. It is ...
  Good evening everyone-I have many things in my life to be thankful for. One of the things I am most grateful for is the friends I have virtually met and connected with here on Active Rain.  This place is one of a kind and a treasure trove of wonderful people who give of their time and talent. ...
Hello everyone-Here it is just past Valentines Day and everybody has put thoughts of Santa Claus behind them until December. Well I am excited about Santa Claus coming. Now the Santa Claus I am excited about is red and wht just like Santa Claus's suit but there is no black boots in my Santa Claus...
How do you eat a watermelon? One bite at a time of course.  


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