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This post was one I had started a while back but got busy and didn't get back to it. A very nice AR fellow here Richie Naggar wrote a post about massage therapy a short while ago. Of course it sparked a great back and forth between us. When I lived in NY I started going for massages for my physic...
  Last year I came across these purple and red flowers for the first time and I bought three plants. They did VERY WELL. So this year I bought 4 of them. 2 red and 2 purple. I hadn't go a chance to plant them in the beds for a while after I bought them as I don't think I had the beds built at tha...
" Words embody power to inspire or motivate us, but it is only we who have power to open up to see and feel it." Anuj Somany " Challenges of life are opportunities rather than contingencies; I have realized that challenges reveal your very best. I mean it stimulates one to discover his/her hidde...
 I have never watched these auditions but I have seen Simon Cowell as a judge in the other auditions and he is known to be tough, ruthless and unkind so this was funny to see this singer make him grin. There is something endearing about these X Factor auditions--many of the contestants face unfat...
Good afternoon everyone-I don't think there is anything that makes us smile anymore than animals and the giggle of a little child. This video made me smile today and I think it will make you smile as well. Although I like them all my two favs are the kitty with the massager and the puppy trying t...
One of the shrubs I bought for the garden this Fall which just arrived is this plant called a tayberry. They are the result of crossing the Aurora blackberry and the polyploid Malling Sport red raspberry. Tayberry plants are a hybrid, and were patented and released in Scotland in 1979.  Tayberry...
Hello everyone-A friend of mine Susan Mangigian started this new group called What is the word Weds. If I remember right reading the reason she started it was because she always had something to say so the group Wordless Weds didn't work very well. I had made a comment on her first post and she s...
Good morning everyone-As you watch this video the events of that day come rushing back and it seems like only yesterday. It is hard to believe that it has been 11 yrs. It is hard to believe that there is the depth of evil that exists in our world. The thing that I remember so vividly that day was...
Have you ever seen a beautiful blank journal in a bookstore and wondered what you could write in it? Did you receive a blank journal as a gift, and it is still waiting for you to fill it up? Anyone can begin a journal at anytime. Journaling is a simple pursuit, requiring only pen & paper; you don...
Good evening everyone-I wrote a post the other day entitled JUST IMAGINE talking about stress and how we all have stress in our lives but there are things we can do to destress. Well I sure had to put those words to the test today. On the way home from a doctors appt Thursday for Mom the car died...

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