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Good morning everyone-I had seen this video a while back but had forgotten about it. I came across it again this morning and thought it was worth sharing. There is so much beauty in this world. On the days when life gets stressed, overwhelming or you turn on the news and you hear about massive wi...
The saying time flies when you are having fun is so true.  When you are younger you can't wait for summertime, Christmas, to be able to drive, graduate. Time seems to go so slow then. When you get older though it seems to FLY by with the speed of light.  We each have 24 hrs in a day and time move...
One of my weaknesses is chocolate and peanut butter especially when combined together. So this recipe would be right up there on the list of decadent weaknesses for me. I just love peanut butter cups and those peanut butter eggs at Easter time. This is a mouth watering dessert I think I better sa...
One of the things I look for as any gardener who grows cherry tomatoes and zucchini. What to do with all of them. Zucchini plants and cherry tomatoes can produce and produce and produce. Now I love both and I happened upon this recipe which incorporates both. It is simple and easy to make. I will...
I have always been a DIY person always thinking of making something vs buying something if it is possible. To me it is smart to work within a budget but liking quality stuff. It is like having champagne taste on a beer budget. I like the unique and the crafty things. I came across this on a websi...
We all have stuff we need to store, preferably out the way yet conveniently accessible when we need it. I came across this blog with some pretty cool ideas. My favorite is the picture below. This simple system to keep your holiday decor up and out of the way until you need it.  It looks like all ...
I came across these amazing glass sculptures and thought they were amazing and beautiful and wanted to share them with all of you. They are done by an artist by the name of Robert Mickelson. He is currently based in Mims, Florida, Robert Mickelson originally apprenticed as a lamp-worker before he...
 Since I started my gardening project this year one of the things that I wanted to take advantage of was the use of the rain water from the gutters. Now I have been using 5 gal pails under the two gutters in the back but it is a lot of work plus you have to do it in the pouring rain which I have...
  I have a bunny around the house and even though they are cute. It isn't cute when they eat the buds off your zucchini or some of your beautiful flowers. I came across this inexpensive tip that I will definitely try. Deer, as well as other animals, "including cats, dogs, rabbits, foxes and raco...

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