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When in doubt, have your MLS listing peer reviewed.   I cautioned a colleague who used "No Need To Inspect Shows 10+++" in a new listing.  Without a pre-inspection, this isn't just a generally bad idea (read: liability for the listing agent and brokerage), it carries increased risk in an area tha...
I regularly get updates on mortgage rates from a number of mortgage brokers -- only one of which is solicited -- and usually, they're pretty much the same (+/- .05%).  But once in a while, the range widens ... the latest round of updates showed much more volatility for some rates: Closed/Fixed: 6...
With the Canadian dollar last trading at $1.026 USD, I wonder if anyone at the bank has noticed their general terms & conditions reads: U.S. dollar coins deposited or exchanged will be treated as if they are Canadian dollar coins. Sounds like a quick way to earn 2.6%! ;)
Not one, not two, but three mortgage specialists, brokers, or their assistants (cold) called and/or emailed me today about future referrals.  For me that's a new record.But why would I refer you, or any of my clients, to someone (or some financial institution) that I'm not familiar with and/or ha...
How much bang for the buck do we get with a $200-$400 general home inspection?  Home inspectors require breadth of knowledge, but the depth of such knowledge seems to vary quite a bit.  How often are specialists brought in because of a concern raised in the general inspection? One local HVAC serv...
Hamilton residents dug up a 1935 land transfer agreement which placed a restrictive covenant on the land, in the hopes of forcing a Mississauga developer to halt/scale back development plans for the site. The developer says, "As far as we’re concerned it doesn’t apply" -- such restrictions expire...

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