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~ Stormy Sunset at Picacho Peak ~ I'll bet you didn't know (until you stumbled across this little blog) that Tucson in 1862 was the western capital of the Confederate Arizona Territory.  It was.  Google it. This peak, about 40 minutes northwest of Tucson (along Interstate 10) marks the site of t...
While both businesses and individuals are cutting back on expenditures in this tight economy, some architects and builders wow their clients with beautiful touches like this glass sconce on the left, and the lighting on the right. Artwork of any kind brings joy to the human soul.  I particularly ...
~ Walking the dog in Longboat Key, Sarasota, Florida ~ You can't do this in Tucson, Arizona!  I was taking an early morning walk with my three brothers along a bay in Longboat Key, and I saw something none of the four of us had seen in more than 45 years. People were standing up in tiny watercra...
~ Cumulus Clouds Over Southern Utah ~ It was just two weeks ago that I was driving through southern Utah, and although I came away with more than 400 photos, I didn't stop nearly often enough to take advantage of all the opportunity that was presented by the ancient landscape! My photo's not cop...
~ Longboat Key Angel ~ Longboat Key, Sarasota, Florida Serendipity!  If you'll take enough pictures, you'll get some great ones.  This photo, taken this morning in Longboat Key, Sarasota on the Gulf of Mexico, is proof of that.  These shorebirds were enjoying the morning and so was I.  Sitting o...
~ Sarasota Sunset on the Gulf ~ You're used to seeing my sunset photos from the Tucson desert, but tonight, I'm enjoyng the company of my brothers Dan, Morgan & John at John's place on the gulf in Sarasota.  The Gulf of Mexico is perfectly calm this evening, and the weather is just beautiful! Oh...
A Loan Officer who makes house calls? You bet!  I go the extra mile for my REALTOR friends because they remember me.  It's a recipe for success that will work for you, too. Get Noticed! Stand out from the crowd. Solve problems for your business referral partners. Remember their birthdays and spe...
Does your listing show "VA" in the financing options? In Arizona, most do, and it often comes as a surprise to the listing agent and the selling agent that VA appraisers won't allow the property to have trash - junk - stuff just laying around. Most of the stuff you see in the photo on the right ...
There is a discipline required for success.  It's called "Consistency." I took this photo yesterday in Salt Lake City, where I've been attending a motivational business convention.  (It's why you haven't seen me for a few days on Active Rain.) Our hotel lobby kept this basket filled to the brim w...

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