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Thoughts of a warm-hearted but opinionated long-time Realtor who sells residential property in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas and cities. I sell resale homes, new builds, and investment property. I have a heart for military relocation, specialize in helping out-of-state owners sell their Colorado Springs rental property, and have a passion for Victorian and Vintage homes.
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has a group on ActiveRain that is almost eight years old. Clouds at ActiveRain is a place to post your photos of . . . you guessed it, clouds. He wants people to be aware of his group.I live in the magnificent state of Colorado. When the winds blow over the Rocky Mountains,...
It is certainly not infallible, but years ago I started using this little trick, and it's alerted me to many dozens of people who have copied and pasted my posts to their sites and identified themselves as the author. This is not a post about plagiarism, it is merely an explanation (since many of...
ActiveRain is a wonderful combination of the experienced and unseasoned, young and old, cutting edge and old school, introverts and extroverts, people who are actively involved and 'lurkers' who sit on the sidelines and absorb. It is a place to learn new ways of doing business, of finding new pos...
If you're from Colorado Springs, one of the anticipated annual events is the Air Force Academy Graduation. People pull to the side of the road by the thousands to watch the Thunderbirds, officially known as the Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, honor the graduating seniors with their flyovers...
I loved my father. A decorated Veteran of World War II and Manager of the Veteran's Administration, he was a quiet and compassionate man. When I think of him, I remember how he smelled, his tender hugs, how handsome he was, his gentle smile. My mother said he was never the same after he came back...
One of the dilemmas bloggers face is coming up with content. You can find lists all over the internet, including this one that should give you enough fodder for years of real estate blogging - 300+ Blogging Ideas. But here's an easy way to write multiple posts from one original idea, and give you...
We work hard to find clients. We spend a lot of time, effort, and money advertising, blogging, and networking to attract clients.When we get a client, they obviously like us or they wouldn't hire us. But then what happens?I have been blessed with a lot of business recently. Buyers or Sellers, whe...
Friday the 13th From symptoms of mild anxiety to a nagging sense of doom to full-out panic attacks, it is estimated that approximately twenty million people in the U.S. are actually afraid of this day. In American culture, we are told from a young age that Friday the 13th is supposed to be unluck...
Please don't be misled to believe that I am any kind of techie. I know enough to get around, and probably enough to be dangerous. But here's something simple that I do know - how to see if a post on your website has been indexed by Google. Since several people have asked, let me share what I know...
Myrl Jeffcoat is an awesome photographer. She posted sharable, beautiful flower photos today, and this purple one 'spoke' to me. I am so very thankful to be the mom of (at least) five wonderful women, but on this second Mother's Day without my mom, I found this poem and thought it would be a nice...

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Mimi Foster has been voted one of Colorado Springs' Best Realtors five years in a row. She sells homes throughout the Pikes Peak Region with a passion for Victorian homes in Downtown Colorado Springs. Fifth generation Realtor, mother of five daughters, five grands, and cherished wife, Mimi has over two decades of professional experience helping clients buy and sell their personal residence, military relocation, investment properties, and rehabbing fix and flips in the Colorado Springs area.

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  • The thoughts of a warm-hearted but opinionated long-time Realtor who sells residential property in Colorado Springs, with a passion for Victorian homes Downtown.