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Once again the Fed decided on a 9-1 vote to leave the key interest rate unchanged.  The downplayed global weakness, which was one of the main reasons for not hiking rates in December.  They cited a slowdown in the labor market and that measures of inflation are still below the target rate they ha...
As an agent you've probably had a client or two throughout your career that has decided it was time to move up.  But instead of wanting to sell their current home they wanted to keep it as a rental.  A sound investment, something they can draw some income off of while building equity.  In the len...
Ahh, the mind of a child.  Nothing is really ever too complicated for them.  We adults tend to lose sight of the fact that sometimes the answer to our problem could be the most simple of things, even as we give our children simple solutions to their issues.  Our issues can't be solved easily but ...
    As I've stated on this platform several times, saving for a down payment in today's world has proven difficult for many otherwise qualified potential home buyers.  Rent prices are historically high and climbing and home values are increasing  while wages remain stagnant.  The amount of time i...
October 3rd, D-Day for those of us in the housing industry.  The day the dreaded TRID is to take effect. After sitting through a number of TRID training courses I've come away with the feeling that people are a little more nervous about it than they need to be.  There will be an adjustment period...
One year ago I made the rather scary move from years of a guaranteed steady paycheck in mortgage operations to the uncertainty of full commission as a loan officer.  There were several events in my life that led to the decision but ulitimately it was the idea of uncapped income potential that rea...
This week's edition of Friday Funny has to come out a little early as I will be pre-disposed tomorrow. Every Friday (sometimes Thursday, sometimes Sunday but who cares) I try to post the funniest thing that came across my various social media news feeds.  I of course have to eliminate some of the...
I like food.  One look at my waistline will tell you that.  I'm Italian so you can guess what kind of food I like.  A couple of months ago I started a small monthly meet-up with business owners and sales people that are also alumni of my high school that happen to still be in the area.  We had be...
It's been a crazy year, I've learned quite a bit.  Not just about writing blogs but from many of the great posts I read here in "the rain." I've picked up about 70 followers and joined a few groups.  I've been to a meetup and have had other conversations/meetings with many people I've met through...
"Down Payment Assistance and the Consumer" will cover many of the down payment assistance programs available to buyers in Maricopa County and other areas of the state.  The main focus will be on Home in 5 and HFA Preferred Home Plus/Home Advantage programs but other programs will be covered. Savi...

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