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I just finished reading a blog on Active Rain titled “Realtor Retirement – Is There Such a Thing as Planning your Real Estate Business Exit?” After reading the comments posted by other brokers, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It made me feel like Kevin Costner in the movie “No Way Out”: o...
Real Estate Survey: "When agents are looking for a new firm what is the most important criteria?" http://tiny.cc/Lg5sC I will share the results later this week. Thanks Mike Terry
  I am looking for real estate agents that understand multi level payment systems.  I am sick and tired of real estate brokers looking at my real estate business model and truly not understanding what is going on.  The magic of the Connect Realty system is that they can afford to pay out 92% of g...
That was exactly my reply to a friend recently when we were speaking about my new company.  This is one that he is going to have to explain to me.  Here is one time I do not understand his logic.   You see I am with a new company, Connect Realty, and it has a commission plan that shares the commi...
  Speaking with a friend of mine recently and I was telling him about my backup plan, the plan I have in case I did not sell anything for 2, 3, 4 or 5 months.  I ask him what his plan was and he simply told me the ‘Trust Fund'. I am thinking that was a great answer.  No sales for several months,...
When is the market going to get better, I heard at a conference this weekend that things should be better by Spring 2011.  I swallowed my tongue.  Well if that is the worst case scenario let's get going. Going to survival mode is where most brokers are going next, what are you going to do?  Like ...
Have you ever had one of those ‘I thought of that' years ago about an item that is making someone else a lot of money NOW?  What if I... Have you ever been offered an opportunity that you turned down only to see the person who offered you that ‘chance of a life time' years later and they are wort...
Real Estate Franchise...$4 Have you ever dreamed of owning your own franchise?  We all have.  Buying a franchise would give you the opportunity to leverage your money.  This allows you to make money from someone else's efforts.  We all wish our fathers bought that McDonalds franchise in the 1960'...
Harvey Mackay, the best selling author, was talking about Sam Walton's rules for success in his weekly column this week.  There are 10 rules for running a successful business according to Mr. Walton.  Please understand that even in this economy Wal-mart is not only making money but prospering.   ...
I got a recruiting email today, okay I actually got 3 today but 1 struck me as a little strange.  The subject line stated ‘does the name Starbucks ring a bell...the power of the brand.  Do the copywriters of this national real estate firm, ‘Big Blue' not read the news?   Isn't Starbucks having a ...


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