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The Keller Williams Greater PA region hosted Short Sale Mastery in Langhorne, PA this past friday.  It was an incredible learning opportunity!  It was taught by Matt Fetick and he did a phenominal job.  The course has been well-prepared by several short sale experts brought together by Keller Wil...
The Keller Williams offices in Newark, Wilmington, Middletown and Dover in Delaware are all doing a combined family fun day/5K for the Haxton Family.  Please take a minute to read their story. On Christmas Eve of this past year, Paul and Trina Haxton were driving home from her parents home with t...
Wow!  Today is truly a beautiful day!  It's so warm outside that our office here got so warm we had to turn on the AC!  What a great problem to have!  I love warmer weather for all sorts of business reasons.  Here in Bear, Delaware, people are definitely more willing to go and look at homes when ...
Well in Bear, Delaware today, we have a day of nothing but rain.  Rain Rain Rain.  The rain always puts people in a bad mood it seems like.  For me, I can always feel when it is raining outside because of the drastic pressure change I feel in my joints.  Unfortunately, it is only pain!  There are...
So here's my item of pondering today.  Pets in the home.  As adults, we tend to be the ones that have to take care of them and take ownership of them as when kids say "Dad, I want a puppy!"  they aren't truly thinking of all the bills that comes with dog.  It also involves all the work of taking ...
So here's my thought of today.  My sister-in-law recently got a job at a facility that conducts research on solar panels in Newark, Delaware.  That's an interesting job actually!  Anyway, my son has been talking about this home in Bear, Delaware that the roof is covered in solar panels.  The pane...
While I seem to be on the topic lately, I have a simple question today.  How do you create buyer urgency in this market today?  We can talk to buyers until they are blue in the face, but sometimes they don't seem to hear us at all!  So what things do you point out with your buyers to help them un...
So it has been spectulated about for a while now, but it appears this month they are finally voting on changing the regulations to FHA mortgages.  How do my fellow real estate brokers/agents feel about these changes, in particular the increase of the down payment amount from 3.5% to 5%.  I unders...
How many of us love spending our days doing lead generation?  Not too many of us.  Although it is the thing that drives our business, none of us seem to WANT to do it.  What is the way to make lead generation simpler to do, cost effective, and successful?  That is the question I pose to all today...
So we are now 34 days into 2011, and I was wondering how everyone is doing on their new year's resolutions?  I know I'm still trying to keep mine, but when you work all the time, it can be really tough!  Maybe mine should have been to relax more.  Who's with me on that one??

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