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Have you seen the commercial for retirement savings that asks people if they could be paid to do what they love, what would they do?  People of all ages give creative, inspiring and sometimes funny answers.  The commercial poses the question isn’t that what retirement is supposed to be?  Then the...
Government shut down.  Debt ceiling. Housing prices. Interest rates.  We hear about it every day.  The doom and gloom on every newscast about the dire situation of the American financial system is everywhere, and for good reason.  2013 has not been a friend to the American economy…or any economy ...
Last week, I was visiting some friends who have a daughter who is about three.  She was building a tower with her blocks while we sat around and discussed some “grown up” politics.  She could successfully make a tower three blocks, but every time she tried for block #4, her clumsy toddler fingers...
  Do you ever watch an athlete’s face during competition?  I do.  In all my years of, teaching, managing, and working in real estate, I have rarely seen focus and attention that even comes close to that of an athlete during a game.  It isn’t simply the focus of the eyes or the turn of the head.  ...
Who loves being on conference calls?  How many times do you really wish that you didn't ever have to be on a conference call again?  Do you ever feel like some conference calls don't serve a purpose and tend to be unneccesary? Sometimes that happens - they don't really accomplish their intended p...
Today is an interesting almost "debateable" topic of whether or not people should take advantage of privacy trees, fences or both.  Fences are nice, and they get the job done for the most part, but they aren't always nice-looking and do require maintenance every five years or so.  My fence can't ...
Man, somedays you are just out of it.  All the tiredness of a crazy weekend can really finally catch up with you on a Monday morning!  I have a nice large coffee with me right now trying to help me get through the morning right now.  I am usually fine, but today it has just gotten to me!  Phew!  ...
Stress Management.  This is an ongoing battle that every person in every profession fights.  What is the best way to handle the stress that each of us encounter every day?  People try everything - yoga, exercise, candles, perfumes, energy bracelets, gems, prayer, deep breaths, massages, ignoring ...
Cell Phones.  You can't talk about real estate without noticing that reealtors are notoriously on their cell phones.  As cell phones have evolved with the business, I find that we use our cell phones more and more everyday.  These new phones seem to break a lot easier than former phones did, don'...
Here's a question I have been wondering about lately.  In the real estate office, what do you feel is the importance or unimportance of music playing in the office?  Somedays it seems like it is the only thing that can break any sort of tension within the office is the music playing, but other da...

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