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  Once you’ve finished reading this, you’ll know how to allocate your funds so that they have a purpose. You’ll have a better understanding of the types of accounts you need and the best approach for funding them.Your money won’t just be a jobless freeloader sitting in your living room (i.e. a ch...
Now that the pandemic has plunged the U.S. economy into a recession and killed more than 208,000 Americans, the plan from the frontrunner in the presidential election is well-aimed to assist the only weak link in an otherwise booming housing market: First-time buyers trying to scrape together a ...
I often hear real estate investors say that “millionaires are created through investing in real estate”.I’m not going to dispute that claim. Many real estate investors have a high net worth.Part of the reason many real estate investors are wealthy is that real estate is a solid investment. Despit...
Japan has two types of famous houses: the traditional ones and the tiny ones on top of each other in large cities like Tokyo. Both should be an inspiration for anybody. Is this about reorganizing your home? No, it isn’t. It’s about reorganizing your life. If you’re already happy as you are, move...
The wealth gap in this country will not close until more Black Americans own homes. Period.  Home equity is the most significant wealth-building tool in America. More than half of my current clients are in the American minority due to their race, gender, and/or sexuality. I’ve noticed a stark dif...
 I’m not a reader, so almost every night, I don't read a book before I go to sleep. But once my eyes start to close and I’m nodding off, I’ll often grab my phone for one last look at CNN or to see what friends and family deals just got dropped in my inbox.Then in the morning, my first reach is fo...
Analyze why you are selling - If you understand your motives, you will be able to better negotiate and to get what it is that you want, whether it be a quick sale, high price, or somewhere in the middle. It's always best to write down all the reasons why you are selling first.  Prepare your home...
We have two types of seller services First The Complimentary in-house Prep  The Valley Area Condos team will showcase your home in the best light possible. Why? Because we know it is the right thing to do for our clients. Many years ago, we invested heavily to build out our home preparation serv...

Mike Dronge

Mike Dronge is a Top Producing Realtor in LA.
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