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No on this planet appreciates excuses..but they are common after all we are mere mortal men and women but in order to have a successful career or be successful at anything we do...we must... Stop The Excuses! We must take a leap of faith based on our own strengths and abilities and continue to cl...
"If at first you don't succeed try, try again!"  This is one of my motto's for this year..and I admit....I lack discipline..or maybe self control...when it comes to truth..I figured out something about myself...I need an audience.......a guaranteed audience and I need to make money...
    I've been thinking about a lot of things... Why sometimes customers delay their purchases or sellers opt not to sell!   "In any market"....conversations are important...and words are important...which led me to a conversation. Why continue to use the phrase.... "In This Market?" The market i...
Sounds extreme right?  Think again... Scenerio 1 Just imagine if you were a tenant trying to get into your home on Christmas Eve..gated community and all of a sudden you can't get into your house..neither can your room mates.  Imagine the stress a mother feels..when her son is so far away..she do...
Today I was looking at my outside blog from Activerain....I rarely go there except to check on how the large font looks outside of the network..then I noticed something that just warmed my heart. Looking at the footer..I was reminded it was MY content.....and for some reason... it made me smile m...
Brian Brady tagged me for this MeMe.  Here are the rules based on Brian's post... Here are all of the ground rules that need to be followed:1.  Create a blog post with a link to the person who so happily tagged you.  See above!2.  List all of these rules in the post. Feel free to cut and paste th...
It takes more than a positive attitude to make it in this in reality...working hard..facing each day with enthusiasm... and learning something new every single day! Real Estate is not that hard compared to working a construction job or even as a medical doctor...but the tasks re...
  In High School I was the President of the Future Business Leaders of America, and yes I've been on a few committee's at our local board of REALTORS but this year is really exciting to me... I've been named..... Chairperson of our Education Committee for 2009! While I am so excited but I admit ...
I've been attempting to spend more time on my outside blogs...trying to be a little more organized and offer niche reading...right now..things seem out of wack..tearing apart...replacing and updating but the most important task..darn it I testing.... On All Of The Browsers   I use Moz...
Starting in real estate in the 90's...I've seen the many ways real estate professionals have worked through the a matter of fact..some old school thoughts combined with modern day methods might help you especially if you are struggling or ready to quit.  I say if you are in...then comm...

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