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Yes another meme...this one is different...remember my first consumer comment...Jane of JerichoMonster well she meme'd me today. So in honor of my friend are 8 random things about me.... 1. I always wanted to be a movie star...a soap star...that's right...I wanted to be on All My Chil...
I am a huge MyBlogLog fan and with good reason.  I do enjoy seeing who has visited my my makes blogging very place a face with the comments.I also like the fact I can see who stops by regardless of a comment or let's me know people are reading...while some ha...
We've all been sitting back and waiting...waiting to see if the number of Realtors® dwindle...they are.....and in Volusia and Flagler County.  I know as I am an active member of the Daytona Beach Area Association of Realtors®. Recently we have heard some shocking news...some of our most active ag...
This morning while enjoying my morning coffee and sitting with my family..I asked my 9 year old step son some specific details about school. That's right Louie and I are weekend warriors. Danny lives out of our area...and we only spend the weekends and a few holidays here and there with him. It's...
Well it's been a very exciting start of a New Year.  We had our first Business Resource Meeting of the year.Our 3 office locations together in one place, marching into the Daytona Beach Area Association of Realtors at 8:15 am on a cold weary Thursday morning.....January 3, 2007....Kudo's to those...
Because of the New Year...I have been really taking a look at my posts. Looking at my posts and through their entire comment threads..  One of the things I noticed was often times...I let the post die!  Too many comments?????  Not enough time?????  Shame on me...for the person who takes their tim...
Every year I go away for a planning session a retreat..a goal setting getaway.  One of the things I have noticed that each year gets better.  Regardless of what is going on in my life, it seems each and every year I am better prepared.  In my mind, its just gets better. These planning sessions al...

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