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The second decade of the 21st century is about to end. Are you taking advantage of at least one smart home device? The new technologies are developing at the speed of light, making our lives simpler while helping reduce the carbon footprint. How many devices in your home are saving you money on e...
Do you spend hours cleaning your house and still end up with it not being as clean as you would like? Without a clear plan, you can end up wasting a lot of your cleaning time doing jobs the wrong way and just adding to the amount of time it takes to get the house clean. This consumes a lot more t...
Have you ever thought that your house could contain deadly toxins? If not, then start thinking this way, as most houses have a host of deadly toxins present which can cause serious health issues and can go largely unnoticed. All these deadly toxins can be present in the form of bacteria or chemic...

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