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OK--so I'll bet there are more than just two!  But these are the two I heard this week, more than once, and from different sources.  Ready?  Here they are: "I'm in no hurry to sell my house" and... "I'm not going to give my house away!"   The First Phrase:  "I'm in no hurry to sell my house."  Tr...
Came across this very funny video on You Tube. It doesn't ALWAYS have to be like this but it isn't easy!
This fantastic post from Kristi DiFazio of Colorado Springs is great advice for any home seller!  If you're not sure what "vibe" your home is giving, call me for a consultation!  If you already have a Realtor, as a professional home stager I will work with them.  If you're in need of a Realtor, I...
KNOW YOUR RIGHTS REGARDING SALES CALLS!  This great article was directed at Real Estate Agents but is helpful in understanding the consumers' rights regarding the "Do Not Call" Registry so I thought I'd pass it on!  There is a lot of misinformation regarding the Do Not Call (DNC) rules and how th...
Had to pass on this fantastic post from Steve Kappre of Gloucester County.  If you are a First Time Homebuyer, make sure you know ALL your options!  Speak with someone who can explore those options with you. The successful purchase of your home doesn't just depend on a great Realtor-- it largely ...
Also the perfect comfort food for the coming snowstorm in Burlington County!  This awesome recipe is from my friend Christine in Texas.  Perfect for the Super Bowl-- or any party for that matter, this chili is sure to please your family and guests!  Enjoy! Christine's Award Winning Chili Meats:3 ...