Real Estate Marketing: Trends & Tips

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What on earth is digital real estate?The term is such a misnomer, it’s probably an oxymoron. It defies the very definition of real estate. We understand real estate to be something, well, real. Palpable, visible, has mass and occupies space. It’s a piece of land, a house, or a condo unit. It can’...
I tell my clients that they don’t necessarily have to pay for a stager to sell their house at a good price — all they have to do is to be willing to work at it themselves. They don’t normally have to spend a lot of money on new stuff, they can just use what they have but use them well to show the...
Quick, what’s the connection between New York City and Tokyo? Yes, they’re both one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. But do you know they have also been sister cities since 1960? Here’s a look at how the real estate landscape in these two cities compare.  We’ll take a look at...
 A few years ago the Blackstone Group hedge decided it was a good idea to acquire some real estate and have now already purchased $93 billion thus far in commercial, industrial, and residential properties around the world, and are available $27 billion more. Other investment firms have been going...
The basics of marketing apply universally, whether you’re selling soap or soap operas, magazine space or office space. The core of any marketing strategy is to identify a need, and then supply it — expeditiously and profitably. Taking this principle to heart could be the key to standing out in th...
 Millennials have come of age in challenging times. Younger adults ages 18 to 34 are currently facing an 8 percent unemployment rate and around $1 Trillion in student loan debt. It should come as no surprise then that a growing number of 20-somethings are choosing to rent instead of buying a home...

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