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Having issues with appraisals that are hurting your buyers and/or sellers??? Here is the link to show support for the proposed 18-month moratorium on HVCC. This is affecting many people in our industry but we cannot make change without making noi...
OK, when I am not blogging about the party we call the mortgage business I like to blog about food and volleyball.  Here is my take on Mexican food in Austin.  I know that there are many choices on this one but I have to profess my love for Julio's in Hyde Park (on Duval near 43rd Street).  It is...
OK, really.  A big part of my job is reviewing and analyzing credit reports on a daily basis.  And WOW--lately, I have seen more bad scores than I did back when subprime loans were still around!  I mean, I get it--Economy has taken some big blows.  People are maxing out credit cards and financing...
I have already gotten several calls about the impact of TB&W closing its doors.  There are definitely companies that are dependent on TB&W as their sole source for USDA loans and for some even FHA and Jumbo.  It looks like loans currently in their pipeline are going to be left hanging.  Without a...
As I begin my journey to be the next Tina Fey on SNL, I have decided to put forth my very best efforts in making real estate agents laugh while they learn about all of the fun mortgage topics we deal with every day.  In our pilot episode, we cover the topic of funds for closing.  AKA do not rob a...
It is more important than ever to know where your lender stands on the issues summarized below.  These are TRUE and VALID concerns that can affect closings and thus money in your pocket.  I encourage you to openly discuss these issues with your lender on a consistent basis as things are constantl...

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