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Halifax.  My hometown.  The place I lived my life for 35 years.  You would think I know it like the back of my hand and have my finger on the pulse of all things decorating and staging related.  HA!  Five years ago my family relocated to London, Ontario and I built my Decorating business there.  ...
When presented with a home to stage for sale, there is always the question: How far do I take it?  Currently I am working on a home that needs a lot of work to draw the potential price tag it deserves.  The only hurdle is the homeowner and lack of funds.  In such a situation I have to ask myself,...
In a recent staging project, I found myself faced with three boring, builder standard bathrooms to style.  With no time to consider painting them to warm up the atmosphere, I decided to put all the colour into the accessories and keep it simple, clean and spa-like.  I found the results to be righ...
I have always believed in the benefits of staging a house for sale but until this weekend, had not experienced the true power of the process.  Allow me to share... Client from Toronto had a property in London that was being rented.  When she decided to sell the property a few years ago, she liste...
I am constantly amazed at my children's power to bounce back from a disappointment so quickly.  Just today my 18 year old daughter broke up with her boyfriend of 13 months (yes, a lifetime in teen years, dontcha know) and spent a total of 90 minutes bawling her eyes out.  It was like she went thr...
The busy season is upon us as homeowners scramble to get their properties in tip top shape for sale. This year, I see a trend.  As I browse our local MLS listings, I am seeing a common phenomenon.  I know you have all experienced it as well.  Especially those of you who work in older neighbourhoo...
As decorators and stagers, we do more than make rooms look good.  We make people feel good.  This occured to me as I was visiting a client last night who was in the process of redoing her kitchen.   She had already been to a cabinet maker and decided on the layout and cabinetry but was having a h...
With all the recent hype surrounding the Staging industry and 'certification' therein, I must give a BIG KUDOS to QC Design School for their description of the Home Staging course they offer.  It is clearly stated that Home Staging is not a regulated industry and there is no actual certification ...
Has anyone else had one of those days when you feel like you are beating your head against a wall?  It still amazes me that so many homeowners are hesitant to stage their properties.  Has it not been proven over and over again that investing as little as 1% of your listing price will net you the ...
Hello everyone!  I was wondering if any of you know  of any positive articles on staging rental properties.  I am looking for things like, pricing structure, pros and cons and, if possible, statistics.  Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

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