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So with the changing market I decided to change jobs.  Thought I could totally get out of the business.  Little did I realize that I could still make a difference in people's lives.  Many have come to me still looking for a mortgage or a good realtor.  After a couple of months of referring them t...
I have just read a book I think all should read.  Great encouraging book.  It is by Judy Jacobs called Stand Strong.  Her writing is an easy read and encourages you at the same time.  So if you need a book to read on the beach for the weekend pick this one up.  She just released it out this week.  
The army said it right.  We have for too long been happy just going along every day waiting for something to change rather than changing something ourselves.  Our company almost every time we have a meeting has a statement that gets brought up.  That is if you are having trouble with your busines...
Recently I had a dear friend go through something tragic.  We have been friends for about 10 years now and have seen each other through stuff that nobody should have to go through.  She is a part of activerain.  To keep her privacy I can't tell you her name.  I can tell you that our company rocks...
A couple of months ago we lost our little toy fox terrier (Chelsey).  She died of old age.  We have two medium dogs but we are now starting to look for a small dog again.  My daughter wants a pomeranian puppy (female).  We have looked in the local pet stores and spca.  Nothing.  Now we are starti...
If you get to know me just a little you will find that I love to read!  I will sit and read for hours.  Recently I picked up a book that I wanted to put on the shelf of my church's bookstore.  I like to read most books before I put them on the shelf so if people ask my opinion I am able to give t...
Our office, to me, is the best broker office around.  We won't just turn someone down for a mortgage.  We have been given the tools to help people understand and repair their credit.  With alot of lenders going away and sub-lending tightening up we need to educate people.  We are going to be havi...
Recently I needed to go to Florida to pick up my husband.  While I was there, my sister in law is looking for a home and I was able to go and search with her.  We came across a question that no one wanted to answer for us.  It was about tax assessments.  So I did what I knew and went on to Active...
We see the programs out there for first time homebuyers.  While they are good, there is so much more out there.  I have worked with a realtor now for 10 years.  His theory is that if there is something out there for free then we should be taking advantage of it.  Grants are one of those things we...
I just had a deal blow out due to a home inspection. Now sometimes this happens and you can fix it. Other times you just except it and move on. This time it just made me mad. The realtor knew the shape it was in from the beginning. When we addressed it, the realtor said that he was going to get s...

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