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What is on your mind? I like to learn from others in the industry. Thoughts, opinions and important information are what you should find. Please comment I have thick skin.
Can we get a 1 week extension please? I continue to hear that escrows are not closing on time.(not my deals of couurse:) I have come here today to offer my opinion on this subject matter. As we all know the times have changed. Many of the sellers in today's market go by the names Countrywide, Was...
Active Rain is ever so popular and seems to grow by the minute. When I became a member a little over two months ago there were 70,000 thousand members. At any given moment I log on to my account there are about 2500 members logged in. The question to day is this: How long is each memeber logged i...
I don't know about your market but FHA is the predominant purchase money tool in the greater Sacramento area right now. Along with the emergence of the FHA dominance comes the learning curve. For the last several years FHA had been put on the shelf. The loan limits were too low. The Mortgage Insu...
Everyone has had a bad sales experience in their life. We either bought something we didn't need, were sold something that was not what it appeared, or the service for what we wanted was excruciating. I am certain there are other bad experiences as well but for sake of time let's just look at tho...
As the value of the dollar continues to crumble so too does the value of the pre-approval letter. For a long time we wrote, as Brokers, a pre-qualification letter and we gave that to the consumer. This letter was the letter that they would show to their Real Estate agent and it would accompany th...
The other day I got stuck on a show on HGTV for first time homebuyers. The show was called "property virgins." The couple was clearly scared out of their wits to buy their first property and are teamed up with a Real Estate agent who shows them three properties. In the end they choose one blah bl...
It's Spring again and you can feel the energy in the air. As the flowers blossom so have the buyers. They are out in full force. For the longest time buyers were suppressed in the darkness of the winter. Cocooned by the news that was plastered to the TV and the papers. All negative thoughts and i...
Given the current state of the market place I believe that it is essential that you mortgage broker or loan officer have the availability of FHA and VA financing options. These options, especially in areas where there are homes under 417K, are essential to fully disclose all available options to ...
First, I want to say that I am writing this from a consumer's perspective not a Mortgage Broker! Anytime, that I want to list a property to sell I am faced with a unique proposition. Do I list the property myself and take in a commission? Do I enlist the services of someone on my Team of Real Est...
One of the most unused tools in Real Estate is our Database. Successul agents and loan officers have developed a great system for staying in contact and managing their datatbase. However, many agents do not have a database or have too many different databases. With all the technology that has bee...

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