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What is on your mind? I like to learn from others in the industry. Thoughts, opinions and important information are what you should find. Please comment I have thick skin.
As many of you are highly aware of there is a little turmoil in the markets. As of today at 1133 am, I am doing 100% financing three different ways. They all have there own little pros and cons but they are a way to get the first time buyer into a home. 1) CalHFa with a Chdap silent second.This r...
The waves are crashing and the storm has set in. The ship is taking on water fast. The crew is doing everything in their power to keep the ship above water. Are they? In a time where there is a lot of inventory on the market and homes are struggling to sell you would think that we would open our ...
I wrote a blog a while back that examined the need or use of Flyer boxes, certain riders and the actual overall effectivness of each. There was a decent response to the article and that was that. Now, I have been introduced to a product provided by skywire and sold by Realovation that solves ever...
The first thing that may come to your mind when asked this question is the simple fact Mario and Luigi were plumbers and all houses need plumbing:) My thoughts on this are at a very different level. This was my favorite video game as a kid and I used to play it for more hours than anyone should ...
Nehemiah is on the verge of becoming a thing of the past! Nehemiah is a non-profit organization that assisted buyers with a down payment for their home purchase. We have been fighting the opposition to keep Nehemiah alive for some time now. HUD is on the team to get rid of this assistance. The co...
Well, there are more ways than one to get a referral from Active Rain. The other day I was attending a MLS meeting in Orangevale, California. The topic of blogging was brought up and many of the Real Estate agents in the meeting asked what, how and why? I decided to stand up and let everyone know...
Looking back, to the summer of 2003, I remember what it was like to be a first time home buyer. My wife and I were buying a home. I was in charge of the finances (my first mistake) and she was in charge of finding a home while I worked(second mistake). We had a budget and the budget for the home ...
Fannie Mae is enacting a new provision on those homeowners that are lookin to buy another home but have limited equity. Any buyer that wants to convert their current property to an investment or second home and move into another primary residence must have at least 30% equity in that home to take...
Janet Guilbault wrote one of the best blogs that I have read here all year titled Why I Think Realtors Are Missing A Great Opportunity to Connect With Mortgage Brokers . That specific article struck a chord with many of us here in the community. The comments streamed in from every angle. Comments...
Think back to all the times that you said to yourself, "I didn't need to say that." Less truly can be more. Stick to the details of a transaction, make a friend if that is what the client wants and explain what needs to be explained. More importantly what I mean by less is more is Learn to Listen...

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