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Every week, I'll post a different easy-yet-effective social media tip for you to incorporate into your marketing efforts!
SUMMARY: Getting more online reviews, and making the most of them. The last time I shopped for a real estate agent, I looked for who in the area had the most and best reviews. I ended up not selling my house at the time ... but signed that Realtor up as my first agent client! Good reviews are bot...
SUMMARY: I'm taking your questions about social media and digital marketing, as well as ideas for future blog posts! I'm working around taking some time off, and I'm not writing a new blog this week. You may hear from me again on Monday 10/20. However, I'm checking messages, and ... wait, this is...
SUMMARY: A list of ideas to help you write better, more search-friendly blogs. Great blog posts can give a real boost to your search engine rankings and real-life response.  If only it were easier to sit down and crank out a long, interesting, entertaining post, huh? With as much writing as I do,...
SUMMARY: Tips to communicate online with lots of short attention spans   I'm going to follow my own advice, and keep this short! Think about what you write online. Think about the photos you show, and the videos you post.  A good rule of thumb, I find, is to assume that people will pay attention ...
SUMMARY: Myth-busting some social media urban legends. There are some social media myths I hear stated as truth all the time. Here are some that I hear most often from real estate agents! MYTH #1: YOU JUST *HAVE* TO BE ON CERTAIN HOT SITES "Don't you have to be on Pinterest/Instagram/YouTube/Snap...
SUMMARY: Sticking to certain topics helps your search engine rankings. Boy, am I glad that short work week is over! Aren't those weird times to be trying to work? Everyone is either away or distracted, or they want to get everything done NOW!!!   In case you missed it, the week before Labor Day, ...
SUMMARY: Ideas for topic areas you can post in social media to help your business. Also, a few execution tips to help you take advantage of how people use social media.   What can you do in social media to increase the chances that someone finds you? Let me show you some content ideas that should...
As a professional online marketer who runs a bunch of Facebook pages for my clients, you might think I would completely disagree with Nathan Froelich's recent blog post, 5 Reasons Agents Should Dump Their Facebook Business Pages.   I actually agree with a lot that he says! I still get a lot of be...
When I talk with people about social media, the subject always seems to come up: when should I be posting?   There are better times than others, but ... here's a better way to think about that question.   WHEN SHOULD YOU POST? There’s lots of research about when the most people are on Facebook, T...
I just stumbled on this article about getting buyer and seller leads through Facebook.   My team and I have made Facebook ads a key part of our clients' success.  They're a great way to laser-focus on a particular target, and do so in a dirt-cheap way.  Monday, I spent 5 bucks in 3 hours on one l...

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