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Do you have Real Estate questions or comments, just want to say hi and chat with some others from the area, this is the place!
The following article was by Erin Flynn for Costco Magazine's January 2007 issue.  Each section was taken from different sales professionals.  I found it to be very insightful into the art of selling and how to dash many of the bad stereotypes of the traditional "salesperson".  Not only will foll...
Well as many of us play the game, we know what fun and what a marketing tool that golf can sometimes be.  I use it myself to get some 1 on 1 time with my clients and to really show them how I am and how I conduct my business.  It isn't about giving away something for free.  That might get them th...
Many always ask the question so I thought I would use an explination of one of my underwriters, First American Title Insurance Company.  Hopefully this will help people understand title insurance furthur and why the new "Enhanced" policies are much better!Note: They refer to a standard policy as ...
Just some info for people who might not know what tenancy is, some of these terms are different in each state but the concepts are very similar.  An example of this is Tenants by Entirety, which is reserved for married couples in Maryland.  This was put out by Chicago Title. The comparison below ...
Here is some interesting info that was sent to me, I found it very interesting for those of you who may not have herd of this or this could help you understand this a little better.  Will this effect what loan program your clients use???  Again this was not produced by me so I am just passing thi...
Well guys I really like to keep track of what is going on in the market and what better place than a Real Estate Agent online community.  Hope you all enjoy this and leave me a message once you sign up and get a profile going.
Hello everyone from Hagerstown that I invited!  I wanted to make you aware of this community online.  It seems pretty cool for interaction with other agents, etc.  Say hello when you get up on the site and have a profile.  Look forward to hearing from you!


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Do you have Real Estate questions or comments, just want to say hi and chat with some others from the area, this is the place!