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The mortgage interest rate has come down to a welcoming low. Now is a great  time to buy or refinance with this market who knows what tomorrow will bring. This is what makes it so rough. I like to say  why wait till tomorrow to ride the horse when he is standing in front of you. So lets ride!!   
Well It Looks Like Another Week with Great Mortgage Rate's. Now that we have some of the lowest Mortgage Rates in over a year and Home prices at an all time low.Do you think its time to buy? Of course it is and things are Great! Optomistic!  
If all we had to do is live on what we hear from the News Media then we should just get out of the business.How about some good news for a change. If the media would spread the word that Rate's are great! Housing  pricing is at it's best then may be this economy would be much better off.  Hey guy...
Well it looks like a wild ride for us in the Real Estate Industry from Agents to Loan officer's we all need to be Optomistic about this market. I believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the market will turn around for all of us. Once all the new regulations are completed and we have...
  Mortgage Rates: Slowly Creeping Higher Friday, July 22, 2011 3:16 PM     Home loan borrowing costs moved marginally higher this week. Fortunately these unfriendly developments did not negatively impact Current Market BestExection* quotes. Mortgage rates are still hovering just above their best ...
Mike DiMarzo Of West Town Savings Bank AMONG FIRST TO PARTICIPATE IN NEW MILITARY FAMILY HOUSING EDUCATION PROGRAM Course aims to educate housing professionals on the unique circumstances of the military homebuyer Chester, Maryland USA Cares has launched a new education course designed to provide...

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