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In April of 2008 FHA expanded the maximum loan limit up to $729,000. This covered much of Maryland, and all of DC and Northern Virginia. Other counties, such as Howard County and Anne Arundel County received bumps up to $560,000. Borrowers were able to borrower up to 97% of the value of their hom...
I have a buyer who is looking for a home in Prince Georges County Maryland.  Ideally, he would love to be in either Laurel Maryland or Upper Marlboro Maryland. This past weekend we went out and visited properties in both Laurel and Upper Marlboro.  My buyer liked a property he saw in the Ketterin...
From early March until May 27th we were enjoying record low interest rates. When I say low, I mean REALLY low. I was writing loans as low as 4.375% 30 yr fixed with ZERO points. Despite all of this, I had clients that refused to lock as they waited for 4% or even lower. Those clients got burned a...
The Government of Prince Georges County is offering qualified buyers of vacant foreclosed properties up to $20,000 for down payment and closing cost. The money is part of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program or NSP. This part of the NSP is called the Down Payment On Your Dream.  It has three po...
HUD has done away with their "spot approval" process for condominiums.  A spot approval was a way to get just one unit in a condo project approved by HUD so the buyer could get an FHA loan. Effective June 12, 2009, FHA loans are not available for condos unless the entire project is approved by HU...
It is imperative to compare apples to apples when shopping for your mortgage. Just because one broker offers you the lowest rate, it does not necessarily mean that they are offering you the best deal. To find out what the best option is for you, you must compare Good Faith Estimates side by side....
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Please sign and forward the following petition and forward to everyone you know in the industry and ask them to forward to their representatives: HVCC Continues to devastate home values across the US. We fear that with higher Fannie and Freddie loan limits it will carry throu...
    WARNING - Common sense prevails here.....    Does this sound easy to answer? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  How about this question.... Do you know the difference between a pre-qual letter and a pre-approval letter?  Both answers could differ greatly, depending on who you speak to...
203k MADE SIMPLE? Ok, maybe not, but I will attempt to make it as simple as possible for the client to understand and want to read on.  For many of us in the business who are " in the know"  we forget that we need to go back to the basics and spell it out in simple terms for others to understand....

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