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Does your time just seem to be slipping away from you? Is there more to do than there is day to do it? The answer in rather simple if you will gather a little discipline for the next few weeks. I have been a part of several time management classes and have taught several classes as well. The one ...
There is more to making a decision to add that pool than just the cost, there is more to making a decision to totally upgrade the home than the price and there certainly should be thought when you take the ammenities and upgrades of your home outside the range of your neighborhood. There is a tru...
We have finally gotten our website up and running. We have spent a lot of time trying to find one that is useful for consumers and one that will best serve our business. I would love for any of you that would to visit this site and give some feedback. All feedback is welcome and appreciated. If a...
Before getting into real estate I enjoyed over 25 years of sales and service. It was a wonderful career and I would have stayed in it if it had not been for wanting to spend more time at home with my family. The purpose of this blog is to talk about the service levels being given to clients today...
What should you offer? There a number of factors to consider before making an offer to purchase. Using the real estate agent is crucial to getting the best deal. Below are some of things I would recommend that you know before making the offer.Have the agent give you com-parables of the property f...
Here are some pointers that can be used to put your home in the best position to sell.Curb appeal will either entice people or run them off before even seeing the inside of the home. Make sure the lawn is well manicured, touch up any areas that may need painting, weed all the flower gardens, wash...
Buying a home is an extraordinary event that most likely will be the single most expensive purchase you will ever incur. Due to Alabama being a caveat emptor state and not requiring a seller disclosure on the property, it is absolutely vital that every buyer get a home inspection to uncover areas...
What does "caveat emptor" mean?Simply put - caveat emptor means "let the buyer beware."  Alabama utilizes this principle in relation to residential home sales.  What this means for YOU as a BUYER is that the seller does not have to disclose defects pertaining to the home as long as these faults d...

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