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I  am excited to announce another new lease listing at The Rob Clark that I have just put on the market today! For those of you who read my blog regularly, I do a lot of leases in the building. This one is a particularly excpetional unit for the price. Aside from being lucky number 420 and owned ...
My best friend is a long time Westside resident and I too have spent my fair share living in that neck of the woods. We have never questioned the parameters of what was deemed West LA. It was a basic understanding and an unspoken truth that we shared with our fellow neighbors. From our post work-...
OK, summer "fun" might be a bit of a stretch, but since it's a slow week in the world of real estate (not a ton of great inventory yesterday to showcase nor much by way as market news) I thought I would share some things to do and places to grab a bite while you are saving for that 20% deposit to...
As many of my readers know, the one area of the market that seems to be continually taking a hit are large new construction projects. In many of my posts, I've discussed the conundrum that developers are facing in today's economy which is this: these projects were started at a time when the marke...
As I have posted before, Beverly Hills can be tough waters to navigate when you are trying to find a well done home, condo, or townhouse at a reasonable price. Even at non reasonable prices, more times than not the property is going to need some work. If you haven't had the chance to see my new l...
As of the last few weeks, there have not been a ton of properties to hit the market that have really blown me away. For whatever reason, June has proven to be fairly inconsistent when it comes to inventory, especially in the prime "WeHo Adjacent" area. I was skeptical when I saw the photos of tod...
As you know, I always try to remain objective about the properties I am presenting as well as other agent's listings.  Objectively speaking with the research to back it up, I can say that this unit is without a doubt the nicest condo in Beverly Hills within this price point. Beverly Hills has alw...
All right rich kids, it's time to bust out your calculators because we are going to get down to brass tacts and crunch some numbers. Whenever I go on a listing appointment, the first thing that I do is look at the market analysis to obtain a general idea of what's happening in the area. Keep in m...
I apologize in advance for the recent lack of posts! Things have been extremely busy on this end, including a Memorial Day move over the weekend. From my move comes some invaluable information that will be useful to rich kids everywhere! When you are looking for a new home (lease or buy), there a...

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