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   I have noticed that in the past few months most of the Realtors in my office have not been here.  I understand things can be tough during Christmas break with having the kids at home, and the extra hours at daycare add up quick.  So maybe staying home to save some money is what some of them ha...
    I am curious if any of you advertise on Google at all?  I just recently started doing it.  I set a small budget for it so I can see if my money is well spent.  I have read a lot about online advertising and a bit on how to use certain "keywords" to make your advertisement appear more often.  ...
   As I start the new year I want to have an agressive, and cost effective, marketing campaign.  I am not sure which direction I will end up going so I thought I would ask for a little input from all of you.  What seems to work best for you and how much does it cost?  Thank you in advance for all...
    Another year has come and gone and many of us have been busy reviewing last year and making goals for 2008.  One thing that stood out to me was the number of goals I did not accomplish last year.  Yikes!  While that is not what I wanted to have happen, it did so now I will be carrying over th...
It has been awhile since I have be on here to blog.  Bad me.  It seems that with the time of year and the current market, most agents, in my office anyhow, are not doing much business.  For the past month there has been a core group of us that have continued working like nothing has changed.  How...
     A few days ago I showed a buyer a property.  I had been showing him property for awhile.  First time buyer, well qualified, but wanted to make sure he had a good feeling about a house before he bought one.  It was a tough task considering he wanted almost too much for the money, but with the...
    I was sitting at home thinking last night when something hit me.  Why is it that more business is had when it is a sellers market?  Think about this:  If you sell your home in a sellers market for 300k and buy another one for 350k, the difference is 50k.  If you sell your home in a buyers mar...
    If you were to put my business on a chart, you would find some mountains and valleys on the chart.  One thing I have been working on, among other things, is keeping my business on a steady uphill line.  It is harder said than done at times.  I find it crazy how you can go from nothing to more...
   The market that is and the anwer is....NO.  We do not control the market, we just have to cope with it.  I was talking with some of my fellow agents in the office today and one of them asked me why I was so happy.  My reply was, there is nothing I can do to change the market, so I might as wel...
   Ever hear people say they are so crazy they talk to themselves and sometimes have a fight with themselves?  Of course you have and we all laugh at it.  Ever think of how true it is though?  For example, yesterday my principal broker was doing everything possible to get me motivated.  There wer...


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