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Terrific overview and explanation of short sales.  Thank you Bill Gassett.            Understanding Short Sale Transactions | A Guide to Short Sale Facts & Myths                                                                                                                                        ...
I have a friend by the name of Susan.  Susan is married to Barry.  Susan and Barry have three children.  Their oldest child has a list of debilitating challenges, including cerebral palsy, impaired vision, seizure disorder and cognitive delays, Susan’s hopes and dreams for her baby were shattered...
Having moved from New York State to Louisiana many months ago and having spent many months before that searching for real estate in New Orleans online I am in a position to point out some of the differences in these areas. I do feel that the individuals that make the decisions for the Greater Sou...
    According to a study conducted by Core Logic for the New York Times for investment homes where the original mortgage was more than $1 million the delinquency rate is now 23% as compared to cheaper properties where the percentage stands at 10%. To read the complete story from the New York Tim...
This is a wonderfully written article by a Florida Attorney, Richard P. Zaretsky.  I thank him for spending the time to put this post together.  If you want to know about Foreclosure Deficiency Judgements vs Deed in Lieu and Short Sales this is a must read.We get so many questions about what is a...
What is going on in the Gulf is just horrible, frustrating and it seems like it will never end.  This You Tube Video is a view of what is going on from New Zealand and it is very well done pointing out the ineptness and some of the absurd responses from the powers that be.

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