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The RE/MAX N.O. Properties Office is located on Maple Street in the Uptown area of New Orleans. There are about 5 blocks with restaurants, a Starbucks, a clothing boutique and a Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise.  I had the opportunity today to take a walk and check things out on Maple Street.  I...
On the web site TMZ was an article this morning about Nicolas Cages properties in Malibu being foreclosed on and Active Rain is quoted! Sort of like Newsday or the New York Times.  The writer or author is not quoted just the newspaper.   The minimum bid, according to Active Rain, is $11,004,189. ...
I recently have had the need to refer some of my buyers to other agents.  I have always maintained that it is not the Agency you are referring to but the agent. Agents change company's all of the time and it is not the agency that the buyer will have discussions with about properties or about an ...
Unless you don't read the papers or watch the news then you know that the WiFi version of the iPad was in the Apple Stores starting this past Saturday.  The individuals who pre-ordered would start to receive their iPads at home and the rest of the us went to the store.  I went, not with the purpo...
In New York we have cooperatives as a form of ownership.  You need to pass a Cooperative Board who reviews your finances, references, and does background and credit checks in order for you to close.    Be careful what your kids put out there on Facebook as the couple in this story found out their...

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