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Yesterday I showed a property in an area of mid Westchester County.  The listing agent was finishing up an Open House for Brokers on the property.  This listing agent doesn't know me.  For whatever reasons our paths have not crossed yet.  I had called her office to make an appointment to show the...
This is the story of a very sad house.  This is a foreclosure.  This house is magnificent.  It is a brick colonial wiith with columns in the front.  It is symmetrical.  The lawn is overgrown, there is debris in the front and back lawns.  It is priced very low.  When you approach this house you t...
I am getting, as I am sure we all are, 2-3 calls per week that go along these lines. I: Hi, I am working with Yahoo.  How are you today?  (this is soooo irritating) M: I'm fine who is this? I: My name is Irritation. I want to help improve your business.  I see that you are not on the 1st page of ...
Larchmont is a Village in the Town of Mamaroneck.  They both have separates sevices and pay taxes for them.  Larchmont is a small Village in lower Westchester County with under 7000 people and is about a square mile.  It is part of the Mamaroneck School District.  With soaring taxes in Westcheste...
Yesterday one of my buyers drove by a house that seemed to be of interest.  They said that they saw two signs on the front lawn, one for sale by owner, and one was an agent sign.  They were curious why there were two signs on the front lawn and so we drove over to the property.  I called the agen...
I recently had a buyer who put a bid in on a co-op.  A really lovely apartment walk to Hartsdale Village, the train to the city and shops.  It was a tudor apartment with high ceilings and renovated beautifully.  The owner has great taste and did a great job. My buyer is relocating from out of the...
  For a while now I have had the Blackberry 8830 International Phone which I loved except that it doesn't have a camera.  I used to have a Treo 650 with a camera which I used all the time.  The Curve is now $150 with rebates from Verizon Wireless which is the only network in Westcheser County th...
Last week I did a post about dual agency.  I outlined some of the issues I have with dual agency, explained that in my opinion it is fraught with problems. I also explained that when you agree to dual agency you are giving up loyalty and obedience. So, I got emails.  Several emails from brokers w...
  With natural gas and oil prices so high right now energy conservation on the roads and in homes is coming to the forefront.  Efficient bulbs, windows, insulation that are eco friendly are becoming more familiar to the public and the trend will continue. "Ms. Meyer said their goal was to show t...
There are many thoughts on how to deal with what is included and what is excluded with properties.  In my area for exlusions a lot of agents simply put "call l/a" to protect themselves or because they haven't taken the time to go over this with the seller or the seller wasn't sure about what they...

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