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While I am glad this is no longer the frenzied market of the past few years I am amazed at some of the stuff that goes on.  So today I received an offer on one of my listings.1.  The buyer came to my Open House.  The agent had called to say she would be coming, fine.2.  Immediately after my Open ...
The summer has come and gone too quickly.  It has been an interesting year so far in terms of real estate.  The newspapers and TV reports are all doom and gloom.  Countrywide, foreclosures and lowering of prices are the subjects of the day. While prices have been coming down properties are still ...
I know there have been numerous articles about Countrywide Mortgage here on Active Rain but in the New York Times this morning a really detailed piece appeared that is fascinating.  I am naive because I have always thought there was some oversight by State Banking Departments.  That if you are li...
So on the Today Show there was a segment on nasty neighbors, what is a nasty neighbor, what to do about nasty neighbors, and how to spot them before you buy and move in.  Barbara Corcoran was the guest and she explained what to do about problem.  From the Today Show website, http://www.msnbc.msn....
I am a RE/MAX agent.  I LOVE RE/MAX.  I suppose it isn't professional, ethical or necessarily very nice to discuss your competiters, especially in a negative way.  One of the things about real estate is all the gossiping, back stabbing and mis information that floats around. So, in keeping with A...
 We are all told that listings are golden.  It doesn't feel okay to not want a listing but that is how I felt on a recent listing presentation I went on.  There were two problems.  The owner had bought the house only three years ago and paid $570,000 for it.  At the height of the market.While lot...
   The downtown in the real estate market here in Westchester County has brought some interesting advertising.The first full page ad that I saw in one of the local newspapers is an ad with pictures of all the agents and the heading that this agency has 41% market share in one particular area.  In...
Tomorrow, Thursday, August 9th, RE/MAX International is sponsoring MIRACLE TREAT DAY.If you go to your local Dairy Queen and order a blizzard treat the proceeds will go to your local Children's Mircle Netword Hospital.  RE/MAX International has been the official real estate sponsor of this very w...
So we in the age of identity theft, information freely flowing around the internet about us and a general intrusion into our private lives are put in the position when we rent of having an owner intrude into out lives.  Is it resonable to ask for a credit report?  A credit report divulges everyth...

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