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I read an article recently that shared some amazing statistics on Realtors:-65% of all agents are part-timers-According to the Women’s Council of Realtors-45% of all Agents don’t have a database-50% of all agents who come into the field are gone within a year, 75% within 2 years!So how does one f...
In today’s society, sales is kind of frowned upon and increasingly discarded by Realtors and sales people in general. Many people go to extremes to call themselves anything other than sales person. Marketing is the trend and where it is at for businesses and most sales people today. And though pe...
Most Realtors get as much as 90% or more of their business from past clients and friends referring them the business. 90%. Yet most people spend almost no time marketing to these people.If you want to explode your business, I am talking at least a doubling of your business, you just need 1 hour a...
People are often confused when they get into real estate. They think they are in this business for a myriad of reasons such as-to make money, or to help people. But the reason you are in Real Estate, the reason people use a Realtor instead of going at it alone is simply this-they want to buy or s...
When you are on the phone with a client or in a listing presentation, keep a close eye on how you overcome their objections. The most POWERFUL way to overcome objections is NOT to dump facts. One would think that sharing the facts is the smart way to win a deal and certainly, facts don’t hurt. Bu...
We all know that we make money only when we are on the phone, or face to face, with a prospect or client. The more clients or potential clients we can talk to in one day the more money we make-period. Real Estate is not hard, it is a numbers game just like all sales. The key is to increase the nu...
Someone was mentioning the other day that they wanted to just start cold calling people and trying to get business in the door. Desperate to make some quick money, they wanted to pound the phones and try to drum up business. They were willing to do “whatever it takes”. And while I was impressed t...
Many Realtors think they are selling homes-and that is why the average person sees very little difference between Realtors. When talking to your clients, you must remember, you are selling a lifestyle solution. The most important question you can ask is WHY? Why are they wanting to buy and/or why...
Most Realtors I talk to in most parts of the country are reporting slowdowns in sales-some of course are worse then others. Yet despite that there are plenty of Realtors who are growing their business-even though the overall market is slowing. They are gaining market share and that is the best pl...
My friend was speaking last week to about 15 Realtors in a room and mentioned he had a property he needed to sell and needed an agent to list it. Immediately, upon getting back to his office he had a call from the Realtor who was also the broker of that office and one of the top agents in the sta...

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