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National Credit Fixers attends NHMR Member Appreciation Summer Shindig at Owenego Beach Club! Great information, great food, great company! 
I saw the following article and thought it may be of value to you. Happy Thursday!Matt Lead by Doing What Others Won't Do: Drive to CompletionBy: Mark Sanborn "Visit any home improvement store on a Saturday morning, and you will see the beginning of hundreds of projects.  People gather supplies, ...
NCF Supports!    National Credit Fixers sponsored 2 teams for KIDSAFE CT Child Abuse Prevention Bowl-A-Thon in Vernon CT!NCF cares for and supports anyone in need! We care about getting your credit repaired!! Call us today!
It is there, quietly, behind every newscast, behind every discussion. At family get togethers, in business meetings, in chance conversations. I sense it, and did not fully realize what it was until now.People are afraid. A lot of people have given up mentally, though they still go through the mot...
When you are on the phone with a client or in a listing presentation, keep a close eye on how you overcome their objections. The most POWERFUL way to overcome objections is NOT to dump facts. One would think that sharing the facts is the smart way to win a deal and certainly, facts don’t hurt. Bu...
Your success depends on execution. Executing that gameplan, nailing those calls, hitting those outbound opportunities. Even personally, losing weight, quitting smoking, consistent dieting…it all hinges on nailing commitments to yourself and executing. You went into this year with a gameplan…if yo...
Wishing everyone a very enjoyable weekend and Happy Memorial Day.Remembering all who served, may you be honored.
In today’s society, sales is kind of frowned upon and increasingly discarded by Realtors and sales people in general. Many people go to extremes to call themselves anything other than sales person. Marketing is the trend and where it is at for businesses and most sales people today. And though pe...
Whether the Real Estate Market is slow or busy, there are always those who say, “The market is slow”. Yet always, even in down times, there are those making a great living. What do they do differently? More then anything else-they think differently and they act on it! How you think is how you bec...
In the depths of our hearts we all want to storm the hill, win the victory, feel like we have arrived. It beats deep within each of us. It is why sports draws you in, you can see the victory, the result of effort.But life is not always so clear cut. Most people, if they were honest, would say tha...


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