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No offense to Brad Penny, but you're on the market.  Sox have a total log jam at SP.  Either Smoltz or Penny will need to get dealt, (or Matsuaka).  I can't believe it'll be Matsuaka, Lester, or Beckett, and obviously Wakefield is out of the equation.  Sox need a catcher - and they are hard to ge...
    Got a new listing out there today; this home really represents some great value, and someone is going to be lucky to get it.
Well, its official, if you have a nice house, you can really get it to move off the shelves.  I got a really nice listing the the phone rang-off the hook, and we did get an offer quite speedily.   I'm happy to say that I think part of the difference was the sellers worked really hard at making th...
  Well, what've we learned about the Yankees and Sox so far is that the Yankee bullpen is pitching terrible.  Yes, some of their star relievers are hurt, but that happens to everyone in a season, and you need to be more than two deep to survive.  It's going to cost them games for sure, and I don'...
  April pitching is always a bear - just ask the Yankees and Tampa Bay - but the Sox don't look to good either.  The shellacking last night didn't help.  But we'll see how they do going forward. As it heats up, and the curves bite a little more, it should be interesting!  Plus, the Sox have the c...
This home couldn't attract a buyer last year, but we sold it first weekend out this year! Yea! 13 Photos   MLS # 70908211 - ActiveSingle Family - Detached 1 Abenaki Rd List Price: $449,000 Northborough, MA 01532 Worcester County Style: Colonial, Saltbox Color: white Total Rooms: 8 Bedrooms: 4 Fu...
I've been writing about good real estate metrics for the last couple of posts, and we continue on our journey with my developing customized metric. Let's see how the first pass turns out. Let's review the goal: 1) Get an acurate picture of prices as they have changed 2) Weed out fluctuations in t...
OK!  I've come right out and said it:  Year-over-year sales is a silly metric.   But how is it, Matt, that EVERY newspaper/ pop media reporting on real estate uses this metric.   Simple!  It's easy to calculate.  But not everything that's easy is VALUABLE.  And that's really the key.  So.  Am I a...
Well so far so good on Nick Green.  He's been an adequate replacement with enough bat so far - but he'll be hard pressed to keep the pace, I suspect.  The sox still have a bunch of questions, but for the most part the team looks fit to compete, as they've really been handing it to teams.  Yankess...
How's the market?   As an agent, we get asked this question probably more often than any other.  It seems so straightforward, but is it really?  Here are my thoughts as to how we should think about this question, how it's typically answered, and a brief discussion of housing metrics and how you p...

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