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Matt Grohe, RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts, 8020 Douglas Ave Urbandale, IA 50322. Matt is licensed in Iowa.



It's no secret that the foreclosure market is absolutely booming. The number of foreclosures and interest in them is at an all time high. Of course I'm really talking about REOs, HUDs, bank owned homes and distressed property, but most people lump them together as "foreclosures."About three years...
Real Estate is is the news everyday, too bad it's all bad news these days. Today we learned building permits issued nationwide last year were at the lowest level since 1995, in Iowa it was the slowest year since 1997. To me that translates into: Great deals on Existing Inventory!"THIS TOO SHALL P...
In 2006 I had the honor of attending a class called Microsoft Word for Real Estate Professionals given by Pat Zaby. If you don't know who Pat Zaby is, google him. Pat Zaby is a larger-than-life figure, but that's another story.I picked up a lot of good things from his course, but one I've fully i...
So you're on the rain, bloggin', you're posting here, there and everywhere. You're making flattering comments, responding to someone's request for info and so on. You know, doing exactly what you should be doing in a free forum such as this. Then you go back and see what others might have said an...
About three years ago I jumped into cyberspace with John Bowerding of 535,450 hits later, I'm still with John and have made my web presence a cornerstone of my business.Today alone four prospects were able to reach me through my website, and I've already made contact with three o...
After posting and blogging much of the day, I was just ready to log off when...........I get a phone call. It's an agent I never heard of with a large broker in town."I have a buyer who is interested in your listing at 13730 Lakeview Dr. I am so busy tomorrow I can't meet them, could you just lea...
This is a real estate post, with a cloaking device! So read on.....My wife is pregnant and about to give birth in eight weeks. My 4 year old has been having a lot of fun looking at her belly and asking questions. Last night he remarked "Mommy, I don't need to go back in there, I'm done!" He then ...
Today I closed on a home I had listed. This was a home I had helped the seller purchase just a little over a year before. I first met Isaac at another listing I had for sale. He was an itinerant PH.D. chemist from points abroad, a transplant in my home community. He was sharp, and tough as nails,...
Saying thank you is absolutely critical. So is the corollary, saying "You're welcome" Too often people say thank you and our knee jerk reaction is to say "Thank you" back (start listening for it) My unofficial average would be that about 15-20% say "you're welcome." other responses are "yeah" "su...
I enjoy driving, but that doesn't mean that I won't ride a bike, walk, or take a bus or a train. In my estimation a strategy based entirely on a few forms of promotion, such as the internet, is a lopsided one. These days it seems we hear many agents lambasting others that don't adopt an internet ...

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Matt Grohe is with RE/MAX Concepts, 8020 Douglas Ave Urbandale, IA. Matt is licensed in Iowa.