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Response to a la mode's new free Standard level Agent XSites for real estate agents has already been overwhelming, after just a couple of days.  Agents are discovering to their surprise that these aren't watered-down, static placeholder sites -- they're robust, fully functional tools with the kin...
Wrong. It’s been said for a long time that agents make money listing, while brokers make money recruiting. And in normalizing markets that holds especially true. You bring on agents for their expertise in working leads and marketing and selling homes. The most successful broker websites help thei...
How are appraisers pressured to lie? Unfortunately, overt threats like "you’ll never get another order from me unless..." are commonplace in a tight market (and even before it tightened). But there are other, less obvious – but still "effective" – ways appraisers are pressured. Shopping the assig...
When it comes to trigger leads, you've got a couple things to worry about. One is that, inundated with cold calls and direct mail from other originators, your borrower will blame you for his or her personal information getting around. The other is that a trigger lead user will be successful in se...

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