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General information about Monroe Ohio and it's surrounding areas. Most of my blog articles pertain to southwest Ohio, but, I've also included various other areas from around the state of Ohio.
I have been participating in the November AR contest to post a blog on a daily basis. It is an easy way to accumulate a lot of additional points, but it also has inspired me to be more active on this site. I have noticed that a few people will post a comment on my blog posts and it's like they si...
Many times home buyers are interested in working with a For Sale by Owner. They think they are going to get a great buy by bypassing a Realtor's commission. Sometimes the seller will even tell the buyer they'd get a better deal if no real estate agents are involved.Typically, the seller pays all ...
Although the Obamacare website is a complete joke and the government is forcing its citizens to obtain health insurance whether they can afford it or not. The USA is still the best country on the planet. The housing market appears to be on solid footing again after the long downturn that we've al...
Madeira Ohio is a small community nestled within the vast Hamilton County Ohio region. It is a mere 3.38 square miles in size and according to the 2010 census, contained 8726 residents. It is a beautiful community conveniently located near the more affluent Indian Hills Ohio area.Homes for sale i...
So you are in the market to buy a home. Don't go it alone! Realtors are professionals that have the training and knowledge to assist you with your purchase and protect your best interests. A competent professional buyer's agent will help you get the most home for your money. Some buyer's agents w...
There are thousands of For Sale by Owner or FSBO homes across the country. Often, a seller will tell an unsuspecting buyer, "if you buy my home without using a Realtor, I will give you a better price." Is it really such a good deal??? I'm often contacted by someone that recently bought a home and...
Many Realtors have their own reasons for being in the real estate industry. Although it can be a very financially rewarding career, one of the greatest joys that I receive is by helping people. This can be achieved by helping in various ways. Some people have credit issues and need guidance on ac...
GE Aviation: Ohio's Largest Manufacturer Growing Operations. In April 2013, GE Aviation announced plans to invest $200 million into operations located in its SW Ohio locations.  In October 2013, they announced a revised expenditure forecasting $300 million in investments instead. This represents ...
I've run into a few short appraisals this year and each situation is always different.As a buyer's agent, should you recommend that the buyer bring additional cash to the table if the appraised price is much lower than the contract price?First and foremost, I strongly suggest that the seller is t...
The amazing and robust community of West Chester Ohio has a plethora of beautiful homes and estates for sale. However, if you are like many people that don't want the hassle of exterior maintenance and yard work, possible a condo will suit your needs?As reported by the Cincinnati MLS, there are c...

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