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General information about Monroe Ohio and it's surrounding areas. Most of my blog articles pertain to southwest Ohio, but, I've also included various other areas from around the state of Ohio.
First Time Home Buyer? First and foremost. If a buyer is not paying cash to purchase a home, they need to speak with a lender and obtain a pre-approval for a mortgage letter before doing anything else. Sellers will not look at or entertain your offer without a pre-approval. Find out where you st...
I have changed brokerages and I have been trying to figure out how to remove my old company's information from my blog profile. I'm referring to the "flag banner" at the top of my page. I have searched all over AR and can't figure it out. Please help me asap if you know how to resolve my problem....
Understanding the differences of LONG and SHORT of property tax pro-rations in Ohio.Property taxes in Ohio are 6 months in arrears and are calculated at the closing of a real estate transaction using either short pro-ration or the long pro-ration method.As long at the current tax bill is paid in ...
Most everyone (except sellers) have been enjoying the lower prices for homes and properties for several years. People have become accustomed to writing an offer much lower than the asking price and in many cases achieving a huge discount on their home purchase.Although in some cases, this can sti...
SHOULD I HAVE THE HOME I'M BUYING INSPECTED? Inspections are a common concern of first time buyers often wondering whether or not they should have or need to have a home inspected. Some believe it depends on whether it's a HUD, foreclosure or traditional sale. Others are concerned about the cost ...
Cincinnati is an incredible metro area, with dozens of excellent suburbs. The data below will clearly demonstrate, if you've been thinking about buying a Cincinnati Home, but hesitating, you should get off the fence soon. Prices are rising around Ohio and sharp increases expected for 2013.I buy a...
Since the day after Christmas, my phone has been ringing off of the hook from buyer's requesting showings, etc. This seems to be very common in SW Ohio and I'm curious about the rest of the country.How are you doing? Busy? Showing a lot of houses? Having any trouble getting your buyer's pre-appro...
 GRANTS OF $2,500 TO $20,000 TOWARDS A HOME PURCHASE IN OHIO~Posted by Marty Snyder on Thursday, January 17th, 2013 at 9:20am.  Many buyers are already out there seeking down payment assistance, and grants. I wanted to point you in the right direction, and make sure you're aware of the many optio...
We answer the 11 most commonly asked questions First Time Buyers ask below. Click a question to learn the answer, or just scroll down through them if you'd like to learn more about First Time Buyer Concerns. Buying a home can be an emotional endeavor, and there are many pitfalls to avoid. Home Ex...
MONROE HOUSES: USDA HOMES FOR SALE, 0 Down.  Monroe, Ohio; an excellent choice to strongly consider for location alone, notwithstanding the excellent buys and values on available properties. It's also a USDA homes for sale (no money down) territory. This thriving and energetic residential communi...

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