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  Photo of Mt. Everest & Kathmandu Valley-courtesy of terraxplorer2-WebshotsI can remember reading a story in the first grade about the Hillary Expedition that had conquered Mt. Everest.  As a first grader, reading My Weekly Reader (a children's weekly newspaper of the fifties),  I had no idea wh...
Today I attended the second meeting of the Greening of the Woods Committee at the City of Laguna Woods.  Our very capable chair is Leslie Keane, City Manager.  We have a diverse committee of concerned citizens.  Most of the members are residents of Laguna Woods and have been actively involved in ...
Last night, while I was sleeping, the laryngitis monster sneaked into my room and stole my voice.  When I awoke this morning, I was unable to speak above a whisper.  What a horrible thing to do!  How is a REALTOR® supposed to communicate with her clients?!Fortunately this monster is not fond of c...
Thanks to D.J. Breckheimer's post Small GREEN ideas for the new year (Which of these do you already do?) I began thinking about some of the simple things that we can do to help improve our environment.  D.J.'s post reminded me of a recent mind shift I had last week.  While shopping for New Year's...
When I first began my career in real estate, I wasn't old enough to qualify for senior discounts or live in the local active senior retirement communities of South Orange County like, Laguna Woods Village (formerly Leisure World), Palmia, or Casta del Sol.  So, I didn't think of myself as a senio...
Here in Orange County California, it is not uncommon that one or more members of a household work from home at least part of the time. Beginning 1999 the home office deduction got a little broader definition.  You can actually have an office elsewhere and still claim a home office deduction if yo...
  In 1989 and much of 1990 Robert Fulgham's book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten topped the New York Times best seller list.  And, as I grow older and hopefully wiser I become more and more committed to this truth. In the process of helping a newlywed couple purchase a home in...
I once asked a sales manager if our company had considered a particular advertising strategy.  His response in his inimitable Georgia drawl was, "Darlin' we just quit doin' that cause it worked."  I've never forgotten that day or his words.  It was one of the most powerful statements I've ever he...
Isn't it funny how the old joke about talking about the weather seems to be what we spend more time talking about than anything else?  If you're on the phone with someone from a different area, the main conversation starter and focus seems to be, how's the weather there today?  Heck, we have an e...
You're invited to join a fun, free-spirited group dedicated to those super-heroes of real estate who live in the trenches and put their lives on the line for real estate...seriously,...It's just another great place to share your real estate stories.  Stories that will help us learn, make us laugh...

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