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I'm finding that the majority of hard money loans that I'm funding today are to real estate investors looking for cash-out financing on previously-foreclosed homes they purchased using cash. There have been several front-page articles in the Bay Area confirming that a significant amount of real e...
I originate private money loans. The source of my funds are individuals through their savings and IRA’s. Here’s the thing: More than likely you know people who have self-directed IRA’s. They may or may not know that they can invest that money in high-yield notes secured by real estate. So here’s ...
If you are a real estate investor, it's not news to you that credit is tight. Since mid-2008, real estate investors have seen conventional loan options evaporate. Many have turned to private (hard) money loans to fund purchases or to pull cash out of a property with equity. However, with ever-inc...

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I've spent my entire 29-year career in real estate—buying, selling, managing and financing all types of residential and commercial property. Since 2007 I have been underwriting private loans. In 2008 I formed a private money lending company whose goal is to "help people retire wealthy".

We specialize in underwriting smart loans to real estate investors, and we fund these loans through our growing list of satisfied investors. Our short term, Trust Deed-secured loans earn our lender-clients fixed rates between 8% and 10% and provide our borrower-clients with ready access to capital.