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Blogs/Videos for North Idaho. Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry, Hope, Priest, Naples, Sagle and surrounding areas. Everything from market updates, places to see, fun events, every day goings on! Enjoy



An unexpected 'thank you'As Real Estate professionals we do our best to insure our clients experience is the very best possible, in every way.  Of course we are doing it to make a living, and yet there is the side of us that realizes this is one of a persons biggest, most important, moments in th...
New Year's Eve and 'Daddy's Home'After a nice home cooked steak dinner, by my lovely lady, a movie was in order for New Year's Eve.  Not wanting to be out late and in the crowds the timing was perfect for 'Daddy's Home' with Will Ferrel and Marc Wahlberg. Image courtesy of Paramount PicturesSo of...
 A balmy walk in Bonners Ferry North Idaho this morningHalley and I headed out early this morning.  As I loaded her up thought it was a bit cooler than had been the last couple days.  It was not till almost to Bonners Ferry that I noticed the temperature.  We had the  Rotary North Hill Walk to ou...
I would like to pass along a big Kudos to my associate Rain Silverhawk,  not only for this featured post but a couple other items that Rain is to humble to even think about posting.  Rain is a special person. What makes her special are traits that are seen on a daily basis, not on occasion.  Givi...

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