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After having spent many months learning about this world of REOs we have finally gotten to the real REO product. This really is a simple business once you cut through all the B.S. There really is real Product that is available for real investors. Real product usually come with a "letter of attest...
Multi-Family, 44 units   offered at $3,500,000 Year Built 1988 Sq Footage 30,592 Floors 2 Parking Covered spaces Lot Size 1.32 acres Maint $1,000 per month DESCRIPTION This is no doubt the best investment in Central Phoenix. These buildings show no deffered maintenance and truely shows PRIDE of ...
Phoenix Az. offers some of the best investment properties in the nation. Visit me at  to view more investment opportunities in the Metro Phoenix area. Just click on the commercial property button   This property which is located in an awesome Central Phoenix loca...
It is time for investors to get on board or they will lose the window of opportunity that is currently available to them. The housing market and the mortgage collapse has created an abundant opportunity for investors to capitalize on. NPNs, PNs, REOs, and many more investments are available.... I...
This is something I have always strived to do throughout my real estate carreer.... I have always worked within the residential commercial realm. Multi family was 100% of my business. With that being said, when I was presented with the idea of selling BULK REOs my thought was this is right up my ...
This phrase is used in the REO bulk business. If you want to deal with REAL people with REAL product then by all means continue to read....Over the past few months we have been able to make the right connections to provide real product for real investors. We have the resources to fill NPN, PN, MT...
We now have a direct connect to BEAR STERNS REO product. Bear Sterns is now in the process of liquidating their NPNs & REO product before Chase takes over.NO more proofing up to someone you don't know. You proof up to your own Title Agent. Once you have proofed to your own title agency then your ...
This is one amazing market we are all looking at right now. It has created some monsterous opportunities in the marketplace. NORMALLY in a NORMAL market my concentration is on commercial multi family properties and always looking for buyers and sellers. NOW I find myself, (because there is nothin...
Investors, we now have opportunities in both areas listed in the title of this post. To give you just a brief synopsis of what options we have available:Option 1. A 16 year old company looking for a 10M investment for media driven advertising on a test proven product. business plan is available f...
I am in need of a BPO specialist in the Prescott and/or Prescott Valley area. I need BPOs on 2 houses in this area. These will need to be certified BPOs. Experienced only please. Please call me at 480-329-6343 or e-mail me at

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